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April 10, 2020

Thank you so much for helping us get to episode 100!

We truly never imagined the day we’d reach this huge milestone - and it’s only been possible because of your support. To all listeners, past and present, we owe you an unpayable debt of gratitude. Let us begin to pay it back by offering you this really stupid episode of Ghost Adventures, where the guys get riled up about a ghost that supposedly has taken up residence nearly 100 yards from where they actually died!

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March 30, 2020

This time we welcomed an old friend of Cassie’s to Insanely Haunted, one who has experience with a 100% real and 100% un-haunted locale visited by the GAC! PJ came with us on this trip to the St. James Hospital, where the ghosts of the past don’t like it when you cuss at them. We hope you’re staying safe in this difficult time, and we’re glad to be reporting live from the same apartment we haven’t left in what feels like months.

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March 24, 2020

Major CW for conversations surrounding sexual assault in this episode - Zak and the guys go on a tour of a place that was a major city during a time when chattel slavery was the accepted norm, and of course they are incapable of discussing this sensitively.

Our old friend who is also named Max joins us for this virtual tour of Savannah, Georgia, a place he and his family have firsthand experience with. Marvel as the spirit box barks indeterminate syllables, a 30+ year old man experiences unexplained body aches, and a camera's memory card malfunctions! Spooky!

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