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The podcast where we watch and review every episode of the WORST ghost hunting show on television, GHOST ADVENTURES.

Image design by our lovely friend, Leandra Choy...THANKS FOR THE HAND!

October 5, 2017

Howdy, pardner - time to grease up your spurs and break in the saddle (are those real things?) cause we're headed west... to the WILD WEST town of Tombstone, AZ. Of course, Zak is extremely jazzed about it - he loves cowboy lore, surprising nobody.

This one is a banner GAC experience. Please enjoy.

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September 27, 2017

If you thought the last episode was challenging, we have bad news for you - this time they go to a real, actual plantation. It's kind of hard to be disappointed because the bar is so low, but they manage to disappoint regardless. At least it's kind of funny when they flip out about easily-explainable house noises, right?

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September 20, 2017

In this episode of Insanely Haunted, we're joined by our friend Evan, a real live actual Electrical Engineer (something that ould definitely make Bill Chappel sweat if he was here reading this - we're coming for you, Bill.)

Today's destination is the La Purisima Mission in Southern California, with a complex and nuanced history of strained relationships between the local Chumash tribe and the invading Spanish Conquistadors. Of course Zak fucks it up, you didn't even have to ask.

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September 13, 2017

WELCOME TO THE DOUBLE DIGITS! Thank you so much for listening to nine hours of us talking about Ghost Adventures. This one's a hoot and a half, as the boys dive into St. Augustine Florida for a trip through a state park that somehow manages to be culturally insensitive both to Spanish People as well as the Native population in what is now the USA. Cool beans, Zak!!!

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Wanna help lessen the blow of recent ecological disasters in Florida, the Caribbean, and other places affected by Hurricane Irma? Here's a few links:

September 7, 2017

This week we welcome two new guest hosts, our former neighbors Dani and Melanie! They took time out of their busy schedules to come watch Zak, Nick, and Aaron traipse through a nasty rotten old building that very well could have killed them.

Join us for a trip to Ione, California, a town home to an old castle that used to be a prison. Or a trade school. A combination prison and trade school. It was rough back in the turn of the 20th century y'all.

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August 31, 2017

CW: Sexual Violence, Death, Public Execution, Inmate Abuse

We gotta get real explicit with this one - the guys take a trip to a pretty infamous prison, and let's just say Zak is far from "on his best behavior" in this episode. In fact he's on some pretty shitty behavior. Aaron, as always, is a light in the darkness.

Laura-Ray and Austin are back for a trip to an oldass prison in Boise, ID (our neck of the woods, relatively) - and despite the fact that this is an extra long one, you may notice a conspicuous dearth of Ghost Evidence. Go figure.

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August 22, 2017

This week the fellas take a skip 'cross the pond to Jolly old England! Well, actually Scotland. Don't let them know we got that wrong, there's something of a... contentious history there.

The boys have found out about an underground vault system that is (naturally) lousy with ghosts, so they do what they do best - lock themselves in and scream a lot at nobody in particular. It's a great time for everyone.

Sorry about the lack of episode last week, one of our hosts was on vacation!

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August 8, 2017

CW: mental illness

Today on Insanely Haunted, you get to meet our hand! That's right, the big spooky hand that you associate with our show (I hope) belongs to our guest for tonight's episode, and Guess what: it's a dumb one!

The boys are headed to Upstate New Jersey to investigate a place whose name is withheld to protect the ghosts. How thoughtful.

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August 2, 2017

Sooooo, there might have been a substance involved in the production of this episode which is... questionably legal in most places. We live in the great state of Washington though, so you KNOW we had to party on some of that devil's lettuce - which turns out to be a thematically appropriate name, considering where the boys are headed this week.

Sloss Furnace was a real shit-show when it was in operation. DEFINITELY not the boys' most OSHA-approved investigation. We get some spooky footage here, and not just the paranormal kind. Get ready for a new face - one you might see a lot more down the road.

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